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Spicing Up Your Workday with Real Rock FEATURES
Spicing Up Your Workday with Real Rock FEATURES

Every day Real Rock 100.3 the FOX works hard to amp up your work day with gems from the Fox Rock Vault!

Mondays we kick off your work week with a little extra swagger as we bring you More Metal Mondays!

M-F at 8 am, it's ANARCHY AT 8... D. Ray Knight has a 70's punk song, or a song influenced by punk. Sometimes he just goes over the edge and plays whatever he wants... after all, it's Anarchy at 8!

M-F at 9:35, Oakley Tye brings us ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION, a grunge or alternative rock song chosen for it's historical relevance that day.

M-F at 12:35, it's ROCK ROULETTE, brought to you by the Lodge at Deadwood. T-Devil spins the roulette wheel and plays a special song from deep in the Fox Rock Vault, from whatever musical category the roulette wheel lands on!

M-F at 2:35, Dee Snider brings you the HOUSE OF HAIR CUT, celebrating a metal birthday or historical event. 

M-F at 3:35 is an encore presentation of that day's ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION.

And most weekdays at 4:20, Gunner has FOUND SOUND. Sometimes it's a brand new song, sometimes it's an unearthed deep cut, and sometimes it's something super weird!




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New Rush Report player interviews will be posted every week on the Rapid City Rush tab (then click Rush Report)!

All the previous Whiskey at Work features are posted under the Whiskey at Work tab (listen to them all to become an instant expert!)

Every day we post a new Alternative Education track, celebrating grunge and alt rock milestones, birthdays, and anniversaries.
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