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Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder Says ‘Wreckage’ Was Inspired By Donald Trump

In a recent interview with U.K.’s Sunday Times, Eddie Vedder talked about how Pearl Jam’s new song, “Wreckage,” was inspired by Donald Trump.

He said: “There is a guy in the United States who is still saying he didn’t lose an election, and people are reverberating and amplifying that message as if it is true. Trump is desperate. I don’t think there has ever been a candidate more desperate to win, just to keep himself out of prison and to avoid bankruptcy.”

He went on to explain how that ties into the lyrics: “So the song is saying, let’s not be driven apart by one person, especially not a person without any worthy causes.”

This isn’t Pearl Jams first slap at Trump. In 2020 they blasted him in “Quick Escape,” a sci-fi story about a devastated planet.

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