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D. Ray’s Rock Shop

D. Ray’s Rock Shop is open for business. Rockin’ is our business… and business is good!

D. Ray’s Rock Shop is a perfect combination of real rock and entertaining features to kick off your work day.

Local news, weather updates, and the latest in sports. 

Fun features like Alternative Education, This Day in Automotive History, The Anti-Tech Minute, and Whiskey at Work to keep you entertained.

Plus fun contests and ways to win every morning!

Less talk, more rock on D. Ray’s Rock Shop, Monday through Saturday mornings from 6-10 on 100.3 the FOX!

Rapid City native D.Ray Knight was a touring stand-up comedian and started working in morning radio in San Diego in 1997.

He returned home to the Black Hills in 1998 to be part of the new morning show team on Hot 93.1 KRCS.  D. Ray left the airwaves in 2006 and moved to New York City to work for ACN, the American Comedy Network. ACN provided short-form audio comedy for approximately 300 radio stations throughout the US and Canada. Starting as a staff writer, D. Ray became the head writer in 2008 and served as the head writer until ACN was shuttered in 2013.

After that, D. Ray returned to the stand up circuit and also landed a couple of acting jobs including a co-star role on “Law and Order SVU”.

In 2016, D Ray received an offer he couldn’t refuse and returned to the airwaves in the Black Hills, joining his old friends with Homeslice Audio. He continues to do stand-up comedy throughout the region.