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Jacked Up Card Game

Back on Real Rock 100.3 the FOX, it’s the Jacked Up Card Game with Cadillac Jack’s!

Each weekday afternoon at 1:20, Jake Michaels will invite you to call in and play! Caller FIVE automatically wins $20 in Cadillac Cash (free play at Cadillac Jack’s).

Jake will flip a card from our “Jacked Up” deck. If it’s a jack, the caller wins $45 in Cadillac Cash from Cadillac Jacks. If it’s not a jack, they win $20.

If you win $45, you have the option to flip another card. If it is another jack, you win $70 and the game is over. If it is not a jack, you go back to $20 and the game is over.

Guaranteed winnings to caller 5 every weekday at 1:20 from Cadillac Jack’s and Real Rock 100.3 the FOX!