Jacked Up Card Game

Cadillac Jack’s Jacked Up Card Game to return in the near future!

New on Real Rock 100.3 the FOX, it’s the Jacked Up Card Game with Cadillac Jack’s!

Each weekday afternoon at 1:20, Jake Michaels will invite you to call in and play! Caller FIVE automatically wins $20 in Cadillac Cash (free play at Cadillac Jack’s).

Jake will flip a card from our “Jacked Up” deck. If it’s a jack, the caller wins $45 in Cadillac Cash from Cadillac Jacks. If it’s not a jack, they win $20.

If you win $45, you have the option to flip another card. If it is another jack, you win $70 and the game is over. If it is not a jack, you go back to $20 and the game is over.

Guaranteed winnings to caller 5 every weekday at 1:20 from Cadillac Jack’s and Real Rock 100.3 the FOX!